“Find Your Direction. Chart Your Course.”

Mindfully Develop Your Career

Career Coaching concentrations I offer:

  • Career Direction
  • Career Advancement
  • Job Performance

You are exquisitely and beautifully…you! You can know and build the path to a career that empowers you to share your gifts with the world!

My role is to challenge you, inspire you, and hold you accountable. You will connect with your inner self and find ways to empathize with this facet of your life, I will use all the techniques I described in my welcome page and more. Let’s explore how & where you can dazzle the world! If I am doing my job, you will feel pushed outside of your comfort zone for the sake of achieving new things in your career.

Career Direction

Sometimes we are either tired of our careers, or somewhere we lost our focus. Maybe you saw an opportunity and are not sure how to transition. We will explore your life’s goals, identify your talents, and develop a plan to chart your career course.

Career Advancement

Do you want that next step? Are you frustrated at being overlooked? Let’s lay out a path to that next opportunity. You will research what it takes to be successful in that job, evaluate your readiness and set a plan that includes personal development, seeking open and honest feedback, and getting noticed – for the right things.

Job Performance

Mastering your current job is the foundation for career growth, even if you do not like your current job/boss. There are many reasons we may be struggling with excelling at our job. Times change, skill requirements change and we have lost focus or are disengaged in our workplace. Life happens and our personal circumstances may have changed. I can help you sort these issues out, help you link what you do for work, and help you build your career. I can help you become more aware of and develop non-technical skills to enhance your performance.

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