“Find Your Direction. Chart Your Course.”

Matthew has been as my leadership coach for about three years. He is an excellent listener and has become my trusted career advisor and coach. As I transitioned from a director to a VP, he coached up my leadership presence and communication style. Matthew has a very seasoned, strategic style to coaching that I find non-threatening and trustworthy.
Tim S.
It was having that person that is dedicated to my well-being and personal development goals. That level of focus on what I contribute to any situation has been invaluable. Matt has a limitless amount of compassion, which makes me feel very comfortable sharing even the most difficult challenges with him.
Working with Matt as a professional coach for the last six years has been one of the best experiences of my career. His ability to facilitate in depth, thought-provoking conversations is awe inspiring and has significantly impacted both my professional and personal life. He has a true talent for coaching.
Todd K.
The brief stories he shares are highly impactful and have helped me gain perspective. When I leave our sessions, I feel more confident and empowered. Matt created an environment of trust right on day one so that I could grow and consider how to take a different approach in the future.
I highly recommend Matt as an insightful, heart-centered, and results-oriented life coach. I have worked with Matt for 5 years. I appreciate the accountability partner he has been. His support was tremendous through my life’s transitions, especially when I transitioned to a leadership role, and when I decided to start my own business. He’s always there to listen to the “circus in my brain”, ask critical questions to make me deeply think, offer encouragement, and hold me accountable.
Elina K.
I am kinder to myself because Matt helped me see a broader, compassionate view of the issues I was struggling with. I’m less likely to judge myself because I didn’t feel judged by Matt. Getting out of the emotional perspective then helped me to see new possibilities for solutions.