“Find Your Direction. Chart Your Course.”

Personal growth, development, and building the life you want start with self-awareness and self-love. This is hard, but good work. As your partner and coach, together we can assure you come to a state of awareness and self-love!

Life and Purpose Coaching

As your life coach, I work in partnership with you to help you reach your potential across all facets of your life.

  • You will have a chance to review your life, pleasant or unpleasant, and explore how you can move toward your best self.
  • You will open your mind and see other perspectives – see that everything is a gift or an opportunity.
  • You will assess your life’s balance and identify tolerations you are, well tolerating!
  • You will get unstuck and create the life you want by integrating your new awareness and acceptance of yourself, and your mental fitness and exploring your foundational values to create & map out a plan to fulfill your life’s purpose.

Spirituality Coaching

If meaning is missing in your life, you may need a deeper connection to the Divine. My faith tradition (Catholicism) and my exposure to other faith expressions have created a deep respect for the Divine however you connect.

In today’s world, many are disconnected from the spiritual traditions we grew up with, if we were introduced to any at all. If you feel the inner yearning for “something more,” but haven’t yet found a satisfying spiritual home, the quest for a personal connection to the Divine can be challenging.

I will walk this path of discovery alongside you, with an open heart and mind. The values of this world will tell you to worship all the things it has to offer – money, fame, and sex to name a few. The Divine calls us to a deeper infinite reality.

Together we’ll explore your life’s values, and I will support & challenge you to see beyond “things”. You can live for this life – I call the “short game,” or you can live for the “long game” – eternity with your Divine presence.

Give us a try!