Leadership Coaching

“Find Your Direction. Chart Your Course.”

Leadership is a calling. As a leader you need to gain the trust and confidence of your team, your peers, your vendors/customers within and outside your organization, and your leaders to be effective. Leadership is easier if our lives prepared us well, but leadership competencies and skills can be learned. Learning these does not mean you cannot be yourself. Being your authentic self is the first and most critical step to being a leader. This is being an “Intentional Leader.”

Regardless of your leadership experience, we will assess your leadership style and skills. Get feedback from your team about how they see you. Explore your strengths you can continue to grow and rely upon. We will explore your underlying values and belief systems that drive how you perceive the world and how you naturally react. With this new awareness, you can decide how to respond to get the outcomes you desire. You will release outdated beliefs that no longer serve you and create new and more effective ones.

Leadership Coaching

I understand the importance of developing both yourself and your team to achieve organizational success. My coaching program is tailored to meet your specific needs and goals. We will work together to explore the true source of your thoughts, emotions, and behaviors and identify the underlying needs that they fulfill. By understanding these needs, we’ll be able to reset your direction and strategies.

My coaching approach is based on spirituality and faith, and in respecting and accepting you as you are. Throughout the process, I’ll provide a safe, open, honest, love-based environment where you can share your deepest concerns and aspirations.

What sets my coaching apart is my emphasis on unlocking your inner wisdom, providing you with tools and skills you can draw on throughout your lifelong growth journey. We’ll work together to adjust to life’s changing opportunities and challenges and equip you with the lifelong self-coaching capability to continue growing as a leader.

I’ll provide a safe, open and honest, love-based environment where you can feel comfortable sharing your deepest concerns and aspirations. You’ll learn new things and apply what you’ve learned in real-life situations, with the support of another person dedicated to your success who will provide feedback and ask thought-provoking questions to strengthen your learning. You’ll appreciate the support and dedicated guidance which helps you strengthen your learning and accelerate your growth.

No matter how long you have been a leader, there are always personal, interpersonal, interaction, and actionable growth opportunities. Are you ready to be a more dynamic leader who leads to results through respect, compassion, and empathy? Do you want to be a Servant Leader, leading from your best self?

Don’t wait to achieve the success you crave. Start your leadership coaching journey today, and together, we’ll unleash your full potential as a leader. Reach out now to schedule a session and take the first step toward creating the life and career you’ve always wanted.

New Leader Coaching

Were you a highly productive superstar as an individual contributor? Did you achieve extraordinary job performance? Congratulations for entering the world of leadership!

As a leader, you are no longer measured on your personal accomplishments, but rather on the results your team delivers. Being good technically doesn’t automatically mean you’ll succeed at leading people. You have to use some new skills to set a vision and direction for your team and get them to want to follow you.

As a 12-year leadership coach and 40 years of HR Leadership, I understand the pressures to “fix” people. You cannot fix people! You can help your team work better together through powerful questions that raise self-awareness and insight into personal motivations. You will discover how your team can achieve your organization’s goals and meet their personal needs at the same time, thus transforming performance vs. “fixing” through the practices of LoveLeadership.

To find out more, schedule a free 1-hour coaching session.